Crew Services

At SF Quality Video we not only handle full production for our clients, but our talented staff also offers a range of talent available for production services. Our staff are accomplished in the fields of: Location Lighting, Sound, Cinematography, Creative Consulting, Writing, Editing, Web and Graphics Design. See below for a more detailed description of the services we can offer your production.

Cinematography Services

With very competitive day rates our videographers are ready to help you round out your production crew. Our team has years of experience with documentary style cinematography as well as innovative narrative film techniques. From a well-produced interview to a complex shooting script we’ve got it covered.

Our videographers have experience with set design, audio production, lighting, hand held shooting, Steadicam, stabilization, sliders, tripods, dollies, and jib arms. We are expanding into drone cinematography and time-lapse cinematography as well. We also offer photography services.

Editing Services

We also have accomplished editors on our team who can take your raw footage and work with you to create an engaging story for your audience. We are especially proficient with all phases of documentary editing: From concept through color correction and final audio mix, we do it all.

Our editing rates are some of the best around starting at a low $35 per hour!

Digital Standards Conversion

Do you have an archive of Mini-DV or DV Cam tapes storing your precious memories or documentary footage and wish it were in HD?

If so we have the hardware to make that footage look as good as possible and the capacity to bring it to true 16:9 HD resolution.

You can “up-res” the footage yourself with software, but no process will achieve better results than recapturing the footage with a digital standards converter like the Teranex 2D which we have on site. This process is incredible and allows you to turn those old tapes with boxy looking footage into wide screen gold. We can also adjust the frame rates of the footage to comply with the rest of your project if you are using mixed media.

To provide an anecdote from our experience with the Teranex 2D, Co-Director Roger Hill’s documentary was first denied by distributors because the film was originally shot on Mini-DV, and they were looking for true HD quality. After extensive research Mr. Hill and his team purchased the Teranex 2D, recaptured all the footage, reassembled and sent to that same distributor who was blown away by the improvements in quality. They then signed the film to a distribution deal right away.



SF Quality Video owns or has access to a variety of cameras and other gear for your production needs. Here is a short list of some of what we have available.


Sony FS7
Canon 5D Mark 3 with Follow Focus
Panasonic AC90 HD Camcorder
Sony FS100


Sennheiser Wireless Lav Microphones x2
Rode and Sennheiser Shotgun Microphones
Zoom H5 Audio recorder


Soft Box Light kit (3 lights)
Fluid Head Tripods
Follow Focus
Shoulder Rig